Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rabid Fox Bites North Forsyth Man - Cumming, GA Patch

Rabid Fox Bites North Forsyth Man - Cumming, GA PatchA fox that bit a 45-year-old man on Waldrip Road on June 5 tested positive for rabies, according to Sgt. Brian DeBlois of the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office.
The day before the man was attacked, the fox bit a 5-year-old Daschund dog at a residence also located on Waldrip Road in north Forsyth County, a press release stated. The man who was bit shot the fox on his property and the remains were sent to Orr Animal Hospital.
“Dr. [Lanier] Orr’s office contacted us on Wednesday [June 13] with the test results stating that the fox was rabid,” said Sgt. DeBlois.
This is the first confirmed report of rabies in Forsyth County this year.
The county Animal Control Unit advises you to be aware of any animals that are being aggressive toward you and your family or against any other animals.
If that animal is, "This could be a sign that the animal is rabid," said DeBlois. "Also, if any wildlife that would typically flee from humans does not seem afraid, or in fact, comes towards humans, this is another sign of the animal possibly being rabid."
As far as keeping one’s pets safe, Animal Control strongly suggests everyone to make sure pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations.
"If you have not had your pet vaccinated, we urge you to do so before there is any possibility of an exposure to rabies," DeBlois said.
An animal that is suspected of having blood-to-blood contact or blood-to-saliva contact with another animal, it's advised that the owner contact a veterinarian, according to Animal Control.
In many cases the veterinarian will advise the owner to quarantine the animal for 10 days to see if the animal exhibits any symptoms. During that time period the animal should not be vaccinated until it is determined the animal had no exposure to rabies.
If you suspect an animal of being rabid, contact the Animal Control Unit at 770-781-2138 or call 911 immediately.
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