Friday, June 8, 2012

Woman finds egg inside of egg -

Woman finds egg inside of egg - aBILENE, Texas, June 4 (UPI) -- A Texas woman who cracked open a giant egg laid by one of her hens said the yolk was on her when she found another complete egg inside it.

Cookie Smith of Abilene said she was surprised when one of her three hens laid the egg, which she said is about 3 inches longer than a normal egg and weighs about three times as much as the eggs she usually brings in. She was further shocked when she cracked open the "super egg" and another complete egg was inside along with the white and yolk, the Abilene Reporter-News reported Monday.

A video created by Britain's National History Museum at Tring says such a "double egg" is a somewhat rare occurrence and is caused by "unusual contractions" force a developing egg back into the bird's ovary, where it is surrounded by another egg.

Smith said she and her husband have decided not to eat the contents of either egg.

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