Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Police say BB gun linked to neighborhood swan shooting

Police say BB gun linked to neighborhood swan shooting
Detectives say a BB gun was used to shoot a half-dozen neighborhood swans found dead over the weekend.
Neighbors in Suwanee's Roesmore Lake neighborhood said the shooter lined the dead swans on the ground.
"I went looking for them this afternoon and found all of them dead in the creek," neighbor Gary Webb said Saturday morning.
"Six babies and the father swan had been killed and the mom's missing," added neighbor John Pruitt.
Rick Sutter, another neighbor, said then the carcasses were lain out in a line.
Neighbors told Channel 2's Erin Coleman they were distraught to learn that this incident happened for a second time in their community.
The first set of offspring was shot a couple of years ago, neighbors said.
Channel 2 Action News was there as an animal control officer collected the carcasses in garbage bags. Parents said they're now struggling to explain what happened to their kids.
The community just hopes police can track down whoever is responsible.

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