A 9-year-old girl's family says their daughter's bedtime was ruined by a bloody syringe left in a hotel bed.
But the owner of the GuestHouse Inn & Suites Aberdeen Hotel in Washington disputes the family's story.
Angie Smith told KOMO that a syringe covered in blood poked her daughter Emily's heel when she crawled into bed last weekend.
"There were syringes, plastic bag, bloody bandage all underneath the mattress cover," Angie Smith said. "We were really shocked and freaking out. It scared us to death."
Smith said she called police and took her daughter to a hospital, where staff told them her daughter would have to endure blood tests over the course of the year to make sure she hasn't contracted any diseases from the hypodermic needle.
The hotel’s owner, Jas Dhaliwal, tells a very different tale to KIRO.
"Their story is not true,” Dhaliwal said. "It was their needle" and the family was "just trying to get a free room," he claimed.
Hotel manager Angel Housden told ABC News that the family declined to be moved to a different room, instead opting for the cleaning staff to change the bedding. The hotel also declined to refund what the family paid for the room until an internal investigation is complete.
"We not only clean our rooms daily but we also have a head housekeeper who g